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1. Al Jefferson signing a deal with the Bobcats

This deal made absolutely no sense for either side.

The Bobcats aren’t an Al Jefferson away from making any kind of “next step.”

They need a couple of more high draft picks to hopefully pan out before signing anyone worth of value.

When you’re an awful basketball team like the Bobcats, unless you’re getting a top-five talent, bringing in a nice player for over $40 million dollars only makes you not as shitty.

From Jefferson’s standpoint, I’m pretty sure he could’ve gotten that from a few teams (i.e. Dallas) who were a heck of a lot more relevant than the Bobcats.


2. Spurs gave Tiago Splitter way too much money

Four years, $36 million?

It’s hard to knock anything the Spurs do because they always seem to make the right moves whether it’s a free agent pickup or a draft pick.

But Tiago Splitter is definitely not worth nine million dollars per year.

He’s definitely a good defensive player, but his offensive skill set just doesn’t exist. He can’t do anything at all with the basketball. He’s like Tyson Chandler except with no explosion whatsoever.

The Spurs are set up so well with their salary cap thanks to R.C. Buford that I don’t understand why they wouldn’t have just gone after an Al Jefferson themselves, or possibly a Nikola Pekovic from Minnesota. Both would have been way better than Splitter, who besides his cool name offers nothing.


3. Wizards gave Martell Webster $22 million to be a backup

I understand liking what a guy can do for you in your locker room, but I don’t think they’re worth nearly six million per year especially when you’ve just taken his replacement with the third selection of the NBA draft in Otto Porter.

Add that Webster only really blew up because Bradley Beal and John Wall missed more than half the year and now all you really got is an overpaid spot up shooter.

What a bad job.


4. Josh Smith signs with the Pistons

There were rumors that Houston was trying to work a sign-and-trade with Atlanta in order to bring in Josh Smith. Whether or not those were true, there wasn’t a whole lot Smith could do since Houston wasn’t under the salary cap after signing Dwight Howard.

But surely there had to be better options than Detroit, right?

I just don’t see a whole lot of reason to sign with a team as bad as the Pistons except to take the check.

In fact, I dislike Smith’s game so much that I think Detroit would have been better off just saving the money for better players.

In the fantasy world though, Smith will likely be a monster and stuff the box score which is all we really care about most of the time.


5. Kings pull their offer to Andre Iguodala for no reason

Obviously there was at least a decent chance that Iggy never would have chosen Sacramento, but for whatever reason, they pulled back their offer.

This shouldn’t be dealt with like a pick up game though if you’re Sacramento. These athletes are making decisions on where they’re going to spend the next 4-5 years of their career. You have no business giving an ultimatum especially when you’ve been terrible for the past seven seasons.

Just like people in New York City, everyone’s always in a rush to go nowhere and the Kings did the same here.

-mDOT (edit by AB)

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